Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday Bentos

Bentos, bentos, bentos. I have become obsessed with making them. Here are the ones I make for Wednesday, mainly just of our favorite foods.

Hubby's bento with Morning Star veggie hot dog rabbits, a cup of mustard, pita bread, and edamame on top. And then apples, cheese, brown rice crackers, and peanut butter. Also some starburst candies mixed in. Az said that this was his favorite bento I have made so far.

And here is my bento with basically the same thing but no crackers (no room!).

Also, I did make the deadline to join Wardrobe Refashion for June. I am pumped to start making things, already have my first idea cooking.


Keri said...

Will you STOP IT already with all that nauseating cuteness??!!! lol

Sing Yee said...

Hi there! You make such CUTE bentos! *drools* Love the bento accessories. :D