Monday, May 21, 2007

Bento Tuesday and why I hate Super Target

Hooray we went grocery shopping today! The only sad part is that we went to Super Target to do so. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Target fan in general. I mean I endured three years at corporate HQ because I love Target so much. But I cannot stand grocery shopping at Super Target and I just won't anymore. The reason I started in the first place was the fact that it was just as cheap or cheaper than any of the discount groceries around. And I got 10% off everything. But now with my discount gone, I can no longer see any reason to endure an hour of frustration every week. You simply cannot rely on what they are going to have in stock when you go. One time, they will have a unlimited amount of the organic baby carrots I like. Next two times I go, none. One time they will have Amy's frozen mac and cheese. Next time, it doesn't even have an empty space; it was like it was never there. Then, the next time they will have a whole freezer case of the mac and cheese. Arrrggg! It just creates a situation of having to make another trip to another store. So I am done. Finished. Over. And on to bentos...

So at said trip to Super Target, we tried to get fixings for spring rolls. We already had picked up the skins at a Asian grocery store but needed the innards. Of course they didn't carrots or mint so we settles with just tofu, Thai basil, lettuce, and rice noodles. They were still amazingly good, my new favorite thing to make. We also made extra for our lunch bentos

In addition on top there is a container of peanut sauce and soy sauce hanging out on a tiny bed of tofu. On the bottom, grapes and a little chocolate. The stars on the spring rolls are basil. The one pictured is for hubby. Mine is very similar but instead of tofu, I have a HB egg. Have I ever mentioned that I don't go anywhere during the day so that I require a boxed lunch? Nope, I make one just because: 1) it is fun and 2) it is great portion control for lunch time.


Twisted Stitches said...

What a snazzfastic Isea! I am going to start making myself one of those every day. Glad I happened upon thi spost. Sorry Target sucked for you.

Keri said...

I totally know what you mean about the selection at Super Target being hit-or-miss. I still love it though, but there's a regular (old-fashioned, lol) Target by my brother's house in Texas and they have the BEST STUFF THERE. Stuff I've never seen at another Target.

Oh and those Bento boxes? Super cute! I totally don't blame you for making them for yourself too!

DC Designs said...

I how I love the Super Target. Huh what, a new t-shirt wasn't on the shopping list?!?!? No way, serious?

But, alas, I find the same problems one week its there one week its not. I call it the no list grocery store. You have to have no idea what your having for dinner. Sadly, i don't work that way. But Super T and me still have dates every now and then. I couldn't quit cold turkey of course.