Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday bentos!

Hooray our bento boxes arrived from Japan!  And to celebrate, why I just had to make some bentos right?

Here is the hubby's "snack" bento to compliment his Amy's Mac and Cheese: we have apples, grapes, and banana on top and then a mini spinach salad with Italian dressing, a chocolate, rice mini crackers, cheese and a 1/4 of a tofu and spinach sandwich.  He was saying how he is going to be made fun of for having a bunny bento.  But then I reminded his co-workers are his parents and they are the ones who introduced us to bentos.

  And here is my bento: prickly pear, grapes, carrots, and cucumbers in top and then a 1/2 tofu and spinach sandwich with a little pesto in the sauce box for spreading.  I also have a chocolate in the top.  Basically I wish I had time every night to make these.  I know I will get better as time goes on!

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