Friday, March 23, 2007

ATCs making me crazy

So there is this "challenge" if you will over on craftster called the 100 themes ATCs.  Basically it is a list of 100 theme ideas to create ATCs for.  And I am addicted:

#35 "hold my hand"

#4 "dark"

#86 "seeing red"

#85 "spiral"

Monday, March 19, 2007

almost a month

since my last post, shame shame!  I have been busy creating away.  I starting doing some more ATCs and crocheting too.  It seems I barely get time to do anything but then when I see what I have done in a month, I am impressed.  That and I am always jumping from one craft to another - sometimes mid crafting.  Whenever I get frustrated, I just switch subjects (or try to).  I think this results in my not getting as much done.

Anyhoo.  So my hat is the thing I am most proud of and use everyday.  I did this soon after my amigurumis.  Hubby thinks it's funny his 27 yr old wife has a cat hat :)

Basically I crocheted a rectangle - folded it over and sewed up the sides.  Then I db crocheted twice around the rim and added the flaps.  I got the inspiration from somewhere but I can't remember where - otherwise I would credit.