Friday, September 28, 2007

Ame hoodie

So I cooked up this little number from a zip hoodie that was on sale at Target for only $5 and some felt that I had hanging out
It is a bit big on her but lucky for me she is growing like a weed and she should fit in it tomorrow (okay a slight exaggeration but it feels like she grows that fast!). And then here is the awesome action shot
The ears look wonky since she is not one to sit still for a picture and the hood was moving all around. But I really ike how it came out. I mean how can you go wrong with a pink panda on a baby?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I got into No Coast Craft-o-rama!

Huzzah! I got accepted as a vendor at the Minneapolis No Coast craft show this December! This is going to be my first craft show so of course I am just as nervous as I am excited. But I am anticipating that no matter how much I sell, it will be a valuable experience. Now I only have two and a half months to prepare...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crocheted Baby Jumper

So Miss Ame has learned how to pull herself up and cruise around on the furniture. It is a remarkable thing to see, this person that only nine months ago couldn't even hold up her own head is basically walking around. However, this requires her to be constantly supervised leaving me very little time to do, well, anything. But I have learned a great secret. I am able to easily watch her and crochet at the same time. So I am expecting that I will be posting a lot of crochet projects in the future. I am also finally going to teach myself how to knit since I am dying to make this one sweater. But anyway, I was messing around and came up with this little number for Ame Bean. I am really digging grey and yellow together right now. I didn't follow a pattern, just winged it. But I wish I would have tried to write down what I was doing since I really like how it came out and would like to do another. Oh well, such is life.

Lucy is Home!

Lucy got home on Monday and brought along a smash of souvenirs and pictures. Here she is showing off her new Arsenal scarf that Paula knitted for her as well as her new friend Chas Oiseau. I really can't describe how awesome of a swap partner Paula has been, you should check out her flickr album of Lucy's vacation, it's a riot. And she generously included tons of treats, magazines, maps, and generally great stuff (like Guinness bread mix! Yumm!!). Lucy is still decompressing a little from all the excitement but she hopefully may get a chance to go on another trip again someday!