Monday, August 6, 2007

Bentos are back!

Are a long hiatus due to the fact that hubby was a little unsure about how his new co-workers would react to his cuter than cute lunches, bentos are back! He figured if he told his co-workers that I made him his lunch (of course of my own accord, not that he even asks me too) that they would probably think it was cute and over look the bunnies on the box. Also, this was food to compliment his PBJ sandwich would is too big to fit in any bento box.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wardrobe Refashion

Well I did it. I didn't buy anything new for two whole months. Well I guess I did buy a sweater from Anthropologie but it was on sale and I only spent .90 of my own money (the rest was a gift card from my birthday). Otherwise I made myself a new pair of pants, refashioned a two sweaters, a sweatshirt, and three t-shirts. I also purchased a couple of things from the goodwill outlet for a total of $4 and a track jacket from another second-hand store for $8. Also, no shoes were purchased (I still don't know how I managed that one) and also no accessories.

And now I am hooked. I mean why would I need something new when I can either make it myself or just take sometime to rummage through some second-hand stuff? So I am going to keep on going with this and see how far I can go before buying anything. The only thing I need to refrain from is being tempted to buy things at the store I work at with my wicked awesome discount.