Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love Lost

A Lost inspired Thursday post

Jorge Garcia's (aka Hurley/Hugo) hilarious blog: Dispatches from the Island

Speaking of Hurley...

As pictured above - the Lost numbers on basically the coolest handmade necklace ever

Lunch, Lost style

Awesome Lost themed plushies

Dharma Initiative coffee packs

Now you don't have to choose a favorite

Kudos to knit_core on craftster, junedesigns@etsy, sammo@etsy, lufah on craftster, finalscore@etsy, and popbangle@etsy for tickling my nerdy fancy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Etsy finds...

There is finally a hope for spring in the air. After this long, terribly cold winter, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come. So I am in the mood to find pretty dresses and imagine I have warm evening cocktail parties to wear them to.

I love love love love this dress. Super vintage-y feel and a super flattering waist line, plus completely custom made to your measurements. Really? It's like the shopping gods opened up the cloudy sky to smile down on me. From looseteeth.etsy

I covet this necklace from hollygems' shop, gorgeous aqua colored stone on a gunmetal gray chain. Eye catching but not over the top.

I wish I has this purse in every color of the rainbow but the turquoise one would always be my favorite. Recyclyed leather from the brit boutique

Finally some amazing vintage pumps to round out the outfit. I love the color of these and the toe rose detail. From cassie's attic

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dino pb & j

Wow, time flies. Been busy lately with even more 2009 Holiday presents (which can't be revealed at this time since we wouldn't want any surprises given away!). It was my birthday on the 1st of the month and it always gets me in a flurry of activity. I came to conclusion why I never make any new year's resolutions, I always treat turning a new age as a time of introspection and change. But anyhoo I wanted to share the awesome-ness of my new dino sandwich cutter. It was a total impulse buy but I have no regrets. I mean how can you when your regular peanut butter and jelly gets transformed into a cute creature that is so much more fun to eat? (note how only one dino guy made it long enough to the photoshoot, the other was tragically eaten instantly.)

You can find your very own here on amazon, rawr!