Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Simple little project

So we don't have a nightstand next to our bed.  It would be impossible to have one since one side sits smack next to a wall and the other side has the closet door swing open right next to it.  Each night after writing my thoughts for the next day in my journal, I would have to set it on the floor which leaves it open in kitty cat territory.  See, she likes to eat everything.  Paper, plastic, cardboard.  Changing her litter box is an adventure into what crazy things we accidentally left about.  Since I am obsessed with my Jill Bliss journal - I was afraid it would succumb to her appetite.  I had received these two very cute hankies from my MIL last Christmas.  I sewed them together and put a little ribbon on top.  Then I put a small nail in the wall next to my side of the bed and viola!  A new little caddy for my journal.  Easy peasy pie.

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