Monday, May 28, 2007

New Mission - Wardrobe Refasion

So I was reading Yellow Owl's blog and stumbled upon this Adorn article. Which led me to this - Wardrobe Refashion - the best idea under the sun. You pledge to not buy any new clothes for your term (2,4, or 6 months). I emailed the administrator to join starting June 1st for two months. Even I am too late, I am going to do it anyway. I just had a huge clothing event in my closet where I went through everything and chucked a bunch of stuff. Anything that was worth saving, even just to cut up for fabric, got put aside of course. But that left me with a very sad empty little closet. I would do it even longer but I am jet setting to Hawaii in August and I cannot even imagine attempting to sew a bathing suit.


Keri said...

SOMEONE needs to figure out how to make this. I'm a really CRAPPY crochet-er and tried to make some cute squares. Didn't work. So I went to Barnes & Noble to try and find a book on squares. Didn't find one. But I'm thinking I could knit something lacy and that would work. Right? Because if I don't get that shirt I may die. Just DIE!!!! lol

gerrijo said...

I know I LOVE this shirt. You should try for some patterns on squares, there is TONS of free stuff on there.

Linda P. said...

Hey, that's my shirt :) I'm flattered. I suggest getting a book with different crochet motifs and going from there-- even granny squares could be really cute.