Monday, October 8, 2007

Leafy jacket pin

So I really need a new winter coat. I think I have had mine now for 8 years. It might be the most unflattering thing ever not to mention not the best jacket for Minnesota winters. But I really do not know how to get without it since most jackets seem to run in the $100-200 range. Maybe I could try to attempt making one but the idea of that just exhausts me right now. So anyway I decided to make myself feel better about said coat by giving it a little pizazz with this leafy pin, which is my first (and a bit sad) attempt at embroidery! I know that true embroidery needs like patterns and what not but I just wanted to play around with a couple of the stitches to start out with. I think my jacket will be better off with it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oooh! I got a treasury on Etsy!

Isn't it puuuurty?
I am especially hankerin' on that yellow and grey hand spun yarn, I mean only $13 for hand spun yarn?! Problem is I have no idea what i would make with it. I was just checking out the treasuries yesterday and noticed that I was about 5 minutes away from being able to get one. I had to think fast of what I wanted to showcase to come up with a title and I was inspired by these puppies that are my latest obsession!Yikes I am in love with these shoes! But with a price of $88, just a bit (or more) out of my reach

Monday, October 1, 2007

Charmed I'm sure

Wow, I really cannot believe it is October already. I feel like I got NOTHING done in September and the last two weeks have been really slow sale wise. But it seems to be etsy-wide so I am not taking it personally. And I keep getting these opportunities that fall flat for one reason or another. A bit discouraging :/

But I just ordered some super cute charms from a supply seller on etsy, Card Blanc
I am so excited! I also got some bees, keys, and random assortments. I am working on this new idea for my craft show to incorporate felt, fabric, charms, and the like in with my own polyshirnk parts. Also I have having to save up my pennies to make this huge order from fire mountain to restock my dwindling jewelry supply. I hate making orders if I can't get to the 200+ assortment price. But I just got a fortune from a cookie saying I should expect an inheritance from an unexpected source soon. *crossing my fingers for an unknown great uncle to remember me in his will*