Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday's Bentos

Our refrigerator has gone on overdrive and decided to freeze everything. Yuck. So we had to toss a bunch of perfectly fine food because it was beyond edible but I tried to scrape together some bentos from what remained.

This is the hubby's. On the top carrots, Italian dressing, wasabi peas, and strawberries. On the bottom, broccoli, edamame, and tofu noodle casserole with carrot stars.

Mine is pretty much the same except I added kumquats to the top.

I sometimes struggle with what to put in a bento since you really have to think out what will fit and what will look good. But last night, being the true nerd that I am, came up with a bunch of ideas on paper to help me out. Also, I am really considering making bentos for myself for each meal. They really make you think about what you are going to eat and make you portion control your food. Dinners around here are normally "fend for yourself" since hubby and I have different tastes. And it would be nice just to grab a pre-made meal from the fridge every day. Otherwise I get low on time and just grab something fast (read: unhealthy).


Anonymous said...

Why exactly do you call them bentos? They are so cute though and a very good idea to help eat balanced meals when you're pressed for time! I think I'll start making these too when I have a little extra time on my hands!

gerrijo said...

Hi Amber - the term Bento Box comes from the Japan. The Japanese pack lunches/snacks in small boxes, usually filled with rice, sushi, and other treats. It is also about artfully arranging colors and textures to please the eye (which I am not very good at yet). Hope that helps!