Monday, October 20, 2008

Yarn and No Coast

I am so enthralled with my wheel spinning class! Last week we practiced with some Bluefaced Leicester. It was just speaking to be dyed with grape kool-aid and to be crocheted into a scarf-let. The charming buttons were taken off an old anthropologie sweater that had become too big. I like spinning with the Leicester, it is softer than corridale and was easier to spin than merino (at least for now, I totally need to get better at spinning merino, it is sooooo soft).

Also, I found out over the weekend that I was accepted into No Coast Craft-o-Rama again this year!! I had such a great time last year that I am honored to be picked again to participate in this year's show. The only down side is that I am now going to be crazy busy for the next five weeks. But if this year is even as half as successful as it was last year for me, I will have more than enough to buy a wheel, whoohoooooo!!!


RNQuick said...

Congrats my dear Gerri!!! Congrats!

gerrijo said...

Awe thanks, I like you :)