Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More yarn from spinning class

Not much to write on this one, not super jazzed on how the spinning part went (my yarn kept breaking, so sad!). But I do like the colors and texture. It's all my own fault too for it breaking, I went in over my head a little and started getting crazy with my mixing of fiber. But all I need is practice, practice, practice!!

But for my next class, I think I am going to try bamboo (talk about getting in over your head with spinning). I REALLY love how bamboo looks when it is spun up (as seen in this beautiful example from traditions fiber arts). Plus of course all the good things like it is a vegan yarn, has natural anti-bacterial properties, etc. But after this weekend, I do need to take my spinning hat off and put on my craftin' hat so I can start gearing up for No Coast!

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