Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My weird obsession

So over the past year, I have found myself collecting cameras. Not on purpose really, I just really love the aesthetics of old film cameras and whenever I come across them at thrift stores, I just have to have them. I have two new finds from over the weekend:

This one I am unable to find much information online about. It's a GAF Anscomatic 236, which was primarily used for slide film I think. It no longer works (the spring that operates the shutter it broken) but I still love how it looks. I can imagine Donald Draper (from Mad Men) taking family photos with this thing.

And then this is Ninoka 700 which is basically a plastic toy camera with a fake SLR looking lens. But it still works as far as I can see and I want to find out what kind of pictures it takes. I read that these cameras were everywhere in the 80's as a promotional "free with purchase" type deal but most have been thrown away. So while not rare, I do love that I found one in working order. It even has four different aperture settings, how fancy! And of course for the bargain price of a $1.

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Christina said...

My mom is into cameras like that...But, she works in a photo lab. By and By, I love your stuff.