Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It has been a crazy week. Family in town from all parts of the country, started my new job, and it has been hot and humid and muggy, blah! I mean who is in the mood to walk from the living room to the kitchen for a glass of water much less craft? The only really exciting things is that Denise of dc designs alerted me that I made the front page again on Friday night!

What I did karma-wise I would like to know because I am willing to do it again :)
But I still haven't been able to nab a treasury even though I have been keeping a watchful eye. And in an effort to de-stash I opened a second shop called razzle dazzle berry. Just some beads and old vintage books so far.

And no bentos. With all this heat going on, it has just been easier to microwave a lean cuisine and call it lunch. But I will be better, I must to satisfy that growing voice inside of "please create something"


DC Designs said...

yes ms gerri hop to it i miss the bento pictures :)

but totally understand about the heat!
we are currently flooding in s.a. but our neighborhood is fine.

KhandiKraft said...

I hear ya about the heat! It was yucky here in Ohio, too.

Paula :)