Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lucy is going on vacation!

Name: Lucy Rose Havana
Age: 3.5 years old (24 in cat years)
Birthday: May 30, 2003 (Gemini)
Sex: Yes, very much. Oh-I mean female
Occupation: Student studying Graphic Design
Likes: Tree climbing, traveling, art, reading, spending time with friends, volunteering
Favorite band: "Cat Power"
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Tofu
Dislikes/Fears: Water, conformity, spiders, vacuums

I joined the "Little Visitor Swap" on craftster and I made up Lucy here to go on an exciting trip somewhere in the world. I should find out later this week where exactly, I am rooting for somewhere overseas or on one of the coasts. Then I will get a visitor for the summer from my swap partner and we will have adventures around of the city and take pictures. I am excited to start! Lucy is made of a combination of felt and polka-dot satin. And she has a little wire in her tail so that it can bend. I made up the pattern and kinda just winged it. I took some more pictures of Lucy saying goodbye to her friends:

Here she is saying good bye to her best friend Sweeti. Earlier they had a spat about a boy but they have made up and Sweeti promises not to move in on Pitter while Lucy is gone.

Here is Pitter, Lucy's boyfriend. They just started dating but things were getting hot and heavy so they agreed they need a cooling off period.

And of course Lucy had to say good bye to the basket of buddies she has.


Keri said...

That is WAY WAY WAY too funny!!!! I like the sex part - but maybe that says more about me than I should reveal. lol

Deep Purple said...

Very original an so cute! I wish Lucy a wonderful vacation...

DC Designs said...

Aww I hope Lucy has fun and remembers to send her buddies lots of postcards.

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