Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Bentos

I hadn't had a chance to bento it up this week until now. Problem is that our refrigerator was having some issues and freezing all the food. Which resulted in us being tentative about buying fruits/veggies to keep in there. Which results in bentos that aren't exactly super healthy and colorful. Oh well, still fun!

Here we have my bento featuring some starbursts, veggie hot dogs with a pita star, mustard in the sauce cup, a little cheese below that, and some more pita stars. On the bottom there is cottage cheese with cinnamon, savory rice minis, and some Wasa crackers. Then for hubby's bento:

Very similar items but the veggie hot dogs "octopused" better so they got little mustard eyes. And instead of cottage cheese, the cup on the bottom holds hubby's favorite stuff in the world, Salsa Lisa-Really Hot. I am a bit concerned about how the salsa will do since I could find anything with a cover.

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