Wednesday, June 13, 2007

dance-dance-everyone look at your pants

Holy crap, I made myself pants. And I lurve them. So much so I am going to make myself a pair of jeans using the same pattern. Which was "Built by Wendy" #4110. I was a bit scared that the largest pattern size wouldn't fit since I am a RTW 14 but it worked out perfectly. They are even a bit baggy so I can adjust that when I make the jeans. And then more capris. And then more pants. And then I will have a different pair of bottoms for each day of the year, muhahahahah!


Keri said...

Those ARE cute pants!!!! I like the color too. Oh and I meant to tell you that I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS OF YOUR PINK HAIR!!!!! One day, even if that day doesn't come until I'm 90, I'll have pink hair. I WILL!!! lol

DC Designs said...

Cute pants! Man I wish I could sew. Sooo jealous right now!