Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Bento

Well I am just smitten. Although I may not be a fan of Super Target, I still love Target. While there last night, I found cute bento-like containers! Best part is that they were only $4. Only sad part is that the way they are constructed, you are really limited what you can put in the top part.

Sorry for the horrible picture. Anyhoo, it is hard to see but there is a flap above the lower portion (in this pic, the part without the sandwich) that folds down and then the sandwich part fold upside down over that. Which results in you only being able to put large "dry" objects in that compartment (if I am making ANY sense). But I am happy to have found another alternative to expensive bentos from Japan. Plus they hold a lot of food. Like twice as much as our bento boxes we have right now. And I was excited to have thought of the idea to make cut-outs of fruit roll-ups for the sandwich.

I have a lot of plans for the weekend (craft-wise). I am going to try my hand at fusing plastic bags to make a re-usable grocery bag. And I am going to make a trip to Jo-Ann fabrics to get a "Made by Wendy" pattern for pants and a shirt. And I am going to make up some more greeting cards with the gocco. Also, my website should be up by Monday *crossing fingers*.

Happy Friday!!

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Keri said...

I love goldfish crackers. I especially love to mix the cheddar cheese kind with the pretzel kind and eat them together. Weird, I know! Good luck on your outfit!! I wanna see it when you're done!!