Tuesday, January 15, 2008

long time, no blogging

Wow, I have been super neglectful of my blog here. Poor blog. But now that all the Christmas hoopla and whatnot is done, I am determined to start up again. This first post of the new year shows off one of the new year resolutions, finally organize my crafting/working area. Yuck, what a mess it was. I wish I had a *before* picture to show just how bad it was but then again, maybe I am glad to not have that image captured. So here is the desk area:

so shiny!

I even took all my junk drawer type boxes and went through them to toss all that I wasn't using. I mean I was ruthless. And then here is the cabinet that also holds even more stuff:

I even have a space up the corner to add to! Which of course gives me a *perfect* reason to go do some shopping, right?

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DC Designs said...

Organized and pretty!
Don't you just love it!