Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Artist's Way

Isn't it crazy how the universe will answer you when you really need something? So, I am not too keen on new year's resolutions. I find it silly that just because it is a new calendar year, you are going to remake yourself with a whole task list of super high goals that you are going to start all at once. I mean how hard is it to change just one thing about yourself even taking proactive baby steps. And to think you are going to become a new you just because the clock clicked 2008?

Having say that, I got whimsical this past December 31st. 2007 was a good year in some respects but for the most part it really, really sucked. A lot. Like Dyson vacuum sucked. So I got caught up in the "rah-rah it's a new year!" thing. That, and I just am having a REALLY good feeling about this year. I still swear up and down that in 2007 some moon of Saturn was in the wrong alignment of Mercury and therefore we were feeling some negative ju-ju.

But that could just be me.

So this year I did make some new year's resolutions. That and I asked the universe for some help. I will have had my business going for a year this upcoming Feb 1st and while I am happy with it's progress, I really am wanting it to start stepping up to a higher gear. I mean, yes, I love making stuff. But there is this thing, you may have heard of it, it's called money. And you can exchange it for goods and services and say, fixing your car that's on its last leg. And as much as I would love to think my family can all live on sunshine and fresh air, we live in Minnesota where the sun comes out only twice a year.

So what has all this rambling have to do with The Artist's Way (TAW)? Well, I asked the universe to help me become a more creative person. I have had TAW book for about four or five years now. It was a dear present from my wonderful mother-in-law who probably thought that I or my husband would get right on it and become happy, creative people. Well, we had good intentions. But I would always get sidetracked by something silly. I would get a month into it and then miss doing the morning pages once and then just say "screw it!" and forget about it for a bit.

Well the universe being the sneaky bastard it is (meant in only the most endearing way of course) had me stumble upon a creative group that is going to do TAW together. I am always more motivated to do things when I know that others are also struggling through it too. And TAW is a struggle. It starts tapping into these parts of your brain that do not like being tampered with. There is that censor voice that is like "WHAT? You mean to try to drown me out?! Non-sense! You will be stopping this program this very instant!"

So I think I am going to be able to do this time. Like really do it. And I know that in the end both my personal and business self is going to benefit from it.

So, thanks universe.


Karen Beth said...

Isn't the Universe wonderful at knowing what you need and sending it at just the right time? I've always been amazed by that.

I'm so glad that we found one another at just the right time and that we are about to embark on this wonderful - and somewhat scary! - journey together! I know the rewards will be amazing!


Karen Beth :)

Cicada Studio said...

It's going to be the Year of the Rat- a great time to forge ahead with courage and conviction on new ideas and projects! It all ties in- the world is ready for change in all sorts of ways. I have too much on my plate to do TAW, but it does sound like a great thing to do, so good luck!

DC Designs said...

Good luck gerri! I hope it works. My sil read that book and was in a group that was doing it. I don't know if she kept it up or not. I totally feel you about the whole, this needs to become something bigger thing. I'll be checkin for updates girl. :)