Monday, January 21, 2008

Painting shoes = awesome

So it was ridiculously cold here in MN over the weekend. I don't think it got above zero and with the wind-chill factor, felt like -15 or worse. So suffice to say that I didn't once go outside the entire time. What to do when you are couped up? Paint your shoes of course :)

They started out as these fine but plain diesel shoes that I haven't worn in a long time:

And magically (okay, more like a whole Saturday later) turned into these!:


I used just some thinned out acrylics in lots of layers and then applied a special "leather-only" varnish that is suppose to protect the paint from cracking, chipping, or wearing off. I also did an under layer of white to help with evening out the final color:

Here is the finished one next to the unfinished one. I think they look completely different now:

And more pictures of the finished shoes:

I still have to get some laces for them. I am hoping I can find some fun ones with stars or hearts or I am just going to go with plain grey ones. I also plan to cover up the diesel part on the tongue with some yellow felt. Nothing against diesel as a brand, but I think the khaki color looks just awful with the yellow and grey. Now I am on the hunt for any other leather shoes in our house....

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