Monday, October 8, 2007

Leafy jacket pin

So I really need a new winter coat. I think I have had mine now for 8 years. It might be the most unflattering thing ever not to mention not the best jacket for Minnesota winters. But I really do not know how to get without it since most jackets seem to run in the $100-200 range. Maybe I could try to attempt making one but the idea of that just exhausts me right now. So anyway I decided to make myself feel better about said coat by giving it a little pizazz with this leafy pin, which is my first (and a bit sad) attempt at embroidery! I know that true embroidery needs like patterns and what not but I just wanted to play around with a couple of the stitches to start out with. I think my jacket will be better off with it.


Kat said...

I think it's a great first attempt at embroidery! I love that little pin, it's adorable :)

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DC Designs said...

Hey girl! Hope all is good in your world. True embroidery needs patterns and stuff?!?! bah! Freehand embroidery is the best because it allows you to be creative and create your own designs and just go where the needle takes you. Don't devalue your skills, your pin is adorable!