Thursday, December 4, 2008

Own the hour!

Maybe a good beginning to a motivational speech?

Or not. I just learned about the new-ish site Own The Hour which is an independent site that sells advertising spots for etsy sellers. You "own the hour" by purchasing a hour long time slot for $.50 USD along with 11 other sellers that will be displayed on the front page. It is cleanly designed (in the etsy tradition) and the sign up process seems easy and straightforward.

Around the etsy forums, people who have tried it say they have only seen a slight increase in views but no sales. The site gives no information of how many visitors they are getting a day so it is hard to determine if it would be money well spent or like throwing two quarters out the window. I need to hoard quarters for laundry myself, so I think I will wait to try it out - I would love to know other thoughts and experiences with the site if you have them...

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Start To Finish Supplies said...

Sorry, I have not tried it, but it is a great question. I am eager to hear what others think.