Monday, December 1, 2008

new small earrings

Recently I got some EZ cut printing blocks to make some small stamps. I really got into linoleum printing year and years ago but kinda fell out of love with it after getting one nasty gouge in my finger. However, I never got rid of all my cutting/carving tools and they have been just hanging around. I am really pretty happy how the stamps came out since I hadn't really practiced in such a long time. The EZ cut is much more up my alley since it is truly as the name states: easy to cut. So what did I do with my thanksgiving?

Why made them into earrings of course! It was really just me being selfish and wanting some bunny earrings - but I like how they turned out so I made a bunch more.


Jacqueline said...

Oh love those stamps and that earring! Lovely blog and i enjoy myself here!

stina said...

i love the stamps! i wish i'd get my ass off the couch and learn that craft.