Monday, October 1, 2007

Charmed I'm sure

Wow, I really cannot believe it is October already. I feel like I got NOTHING done in September and the last two weeks have been really slow sale wise. But it seems to be etsy-wide so I am not taking it personally. And I keep getting these opportunities that fall flat for one reason or another. A bit discouraging :/

But I just ordered some super cute charms from a supply seller on etsy, Card Blanc
I am so excited! I also got some bees, keys, and random assortments. I am working on this new idea for my craft show to incorporate felt, fabric, charms, and the like in with my own polyshirnk parts. Also I have having to save up my pennies to make this huge order from fire mountain to restock my dwindling jewelry supply. I hate making orders if I can't get to the 200+ assortment price. But I just got a fortune from a cookie saying I should expect an inheritance from an unexpected source soon. *crossing my fingers for an unknown great uncle to remember me in his will*

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