Monday, November 10, 2008

swaptree + sunday afternoon = new skirt

I could do without the world financial crisis. Couldn't we all? But if it were to have a silver lining, it does make me more apt to be economical myself. When you are paying so much more for food, gas, and well, everything - it obviously cuts down on your budget in other areas.

So on this note of trying to be more squirrel-like with saving money - I must confess my crush on It is a site where you can swap any un-loved media you have lying around (books, DVDs, CDs, and even video games!) for stuff you do want. So not only are you recycling your old junk but helping another do the same! I basically raid my shelves every month just to make sure I didn't skip some forgotten college lit book that I will never crack open again.

My most recent trade was for the book Sew What! Skirts which I was able to utilize today during the Ame Bean's nap to make this:

The fabric is from a Joann remnant bin that was 75% off. And I got the book to help me for about $1.75 (cost of shipping). Plus the notions are all from a local scrap art store that sells things for nickles and pennies. So I figure I spent $4 on this skirt. You can barely thrift clothes this cheap! &hearts

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