Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wardrobe Refashion

Well I did it. I didn't buy anything new for two whole months. Well I guess I did buy a sweater from Anthropologie but it was on sale and I only spent .90 of my own money (the rest was a gift card from my birthday). Otherwise I made myself a new pair of pants, refashioned a two sweaters, a sweatshirt, and three t-shirts. I also purchased a couple of things from the goodwill outlet for a total of $4 and a track jacket from another second-hand store for $8. Also, no shoes were purchased (I still don't know how I managed that one) and also no accessories.

And now I am hooked. I mean why would I need something new when I can either make it myself or just take sometime to rummage through some second-hand stuff? So I am going to keep on going with this and see how far I can go before buying anything. The only thing I need to refrain from is being tempted to buy things at the store I work at with my wicked awesome discount.

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