Monday, August 6, 2007

Bentos are back!

Are a long hiatus due to the fact that hubby was a little unsure about how his new co-workers would react to his cuter than cute lunches, bentos are back! He figured if he told his co-workers that I made him his lunch (of course of my own accord, not that he even asks me too) that they would probably think it was cute and over look the bunnies on the box. Also, this was food to compliment his PBJ sandwich would is too big to fit in any bento box.


DC Designs said...

I don't think I could ever get the hubby to tote a bento. I bought a really nice manly lunch bag once and he went nutters on me about it. I'm on day three of using my bento and I love it. Its amazing how much healthier I'm eating at lunch now and its all thanks to you. :) Seriously, if I wouldn't of seen it on your blog I would of never known what a bento was. You rock! ;)

KhandiKraft said...

Happy to see the bentos are back from hiatus! I *so* have to do this! Thanks for the inspiration :)