Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New necklace

So I heart my new job. There are really great people who work there, the shop itself is amazing, and it's really easy :)

But I cannot describe all the inspiration I get from there. Right now they have large tree branches hanging from the ceiling to hang wind chimes, chandeliers, butterflie,s etc. As I was looking at them, I thought "how cool would it be to have a branch hang around your neck?" And tada! I made about three for myself and I am testing one or two on my etsy store. But the best is how many compliments I get on them when I am out. I always feel awkward being like "I made it" (blame it on that typical-artist-hates-promoting-themselves thing I guess) but when I do they always seem really impressed.


DC Designs said...

very sophisticated!
and of course I love anything with a tree ,leaf, branch theme. :)

ps ordered a bento set ;)

Deep Purple said...

O my goodness!!! How I missed your blog while I fell from the face of the earth. But I am back, and like usual you have the coolest stuff to look at...