Friday, January 19, 2007

Long time, no craft

So we had our beautiful baby girl 12/13. It has been a trying five weeks seeing that we are brand new to this parenting thing. But we have successfully kept her alive this long. But during all this I obviously haven't had too much time to craft, seeing that just taking a shower seems like a luxury. However this past week the baby has started sleeping more and I have had a chance to do some things. Here are a few ATC cards that I made, I have this new little character I created that I am fond of:

I also found the site whch I am taking part of a Monty Python themed swap. Last but not least I am working on making a couple of hand puppets from some felt I made with some thrift store sweaters. The baby seems to get a kick out of the one puppet we received as a gift so hopefully she will like these ones as well. It just feels good to get back to creative time again.

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